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Post & Beam Home Construction • Custom Cabinetry


Timber frame construction utilizes a classic technique of building, using post and beam construction to allow for a combination of durability and beauty.

When a house or barn is built in this unique, time-tested style, the arrangement and composition of the structural supports actually add to the aesthetics of the building. If you are looking to attain an appearance that is simple yet attractive, timber framing is the way to go.

Many of New England’s most appealing and long-lived barns and homes have been built in this classic style.

Post and beam framing is also known for its strength. In fact, many of the barns that are still standing today have lasted for over two hundred years. Timber frame building methods can be used to produce homes that are strong, graceful, and energy efficient and the arrangement of beams within a home can be used to create space and define areas, with the added benefit of visual interest.

A timber frame home can incorporate modern design while displaying classic lines.